About ARC

Quality Geotechnical Testing WA

ARC is a wholly Western Australian owned, NATA Accredited Construction Materials Laboratory Testing Service, established in 2022.

Stemming from a strong and extensive technical background in construction materials testing, our founder and director identified the need for a more precise, focused approach and a Specialised Delivery of these fundamental services to key areas of the civil engineering, mining and construction industries.

Whether you are involved in a major infrastructure project, commercial construction, or any other industry that requires geotechnical testing, we are here to support your needs. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to NATA standards ensure that your projects meet all necessary requirements and regulations.

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Our Team

The team at ARC Laboratory Services is comprised of highly skilled and qualified industry experienced Materials Technicians and Management staff dedicated to client service and continuous improvement at all levels.

Our goal is to partner with each of our clients to provide a supportive, cost effective, timely materials testing and reporting services exceeding client expectations.

We work with your team enable a fluent communicative working environment focused on the effective ‘Specialised Delivery’ of data on time and on budget.

Our Services

ARC Laboratory Services is a specialised lab with extensive experience in testing aggregates, rocks, concrete, and petrology. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing accurate test results for our clients. We understand how important your project is, so we strive to deliver top-quality and specialised testing. You can trust us to give you the confidence you need to achieve your project goals. When you choose ARC Laboratory Services, you’re choosing reliable expertise in lab testing.

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Our Statement

Delivering specialised testing results to improve project outcomes with confidence…